FiNe-ArT photography—street photographer/FiNe-ArT photographic artist (pHoTo+ArT/contemporary art) // FiNe-ArT/photography /pHoTo+ArT/ street photographer/fine-art photographic artist (contemporary art)

FiNe-ArT photography /pHoTo+ArT by contemporary artist [m] (street photographer/fine-art photographic artist) incorporates fine-art photography, street photography and photojournalism to produce photographic [frames] (contemporary art studies—artist renderings) to create works of contemporary art; and help bridge the gap between photography and art. Street photography by Toronto visual artist [m] (fine-art photographic street photographer/painter) infuses street photography, fine art photography and photojournalism creating photographic [frames] (contemporary art studies) producing new works of contemporary art (photographically projected paintings); [m]—the artist MeHi of Montréal, Ontario, Canada.

As of late; photography invaded me passionately—I love taking spontaneous, artful shots; full of passion, feeling and fun—of beautiful things; capturing reality with a good story behind it.

I’m a Montréal-born Torontonian contemporary artist (painter/sculptor) drawing on fine-art photography, street photography and photojournalism to produce photographic [frames] (contemporary art studies—artist renderings) I call fotomodés, to create works of visual art (photographically projected paintings) and help bridge the gap between photography and art.

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Photography is not Art.

There is; Art of Photography—yet, Photography is not considered Art—I disagree. Is photography art? This is a tricky question and it depends on the argument at hand; in this article; it’s my perspective—my opinion. I understand the urning need of photographers wanting to have their... Read More

[frame] of {mind}

Achieving expressive art—starting with a camera. As a contemporary artist who’s primary focus is to make art work—in my case, oil on canvas. I begin my creative process by using a camera. I look for (contemporary art studies—artist renderings... Read More

1 Day Assignment: Farewell my EX!

The Canadian National Exhibition (EX!). My childhood event marking the end of summer and the start of school. Two weeks of new explorations, rides and crazy new foods. During the 60’s and 70’s the CNE fairground was a land of wonder; always... Read More

Artwork Stolen

I simply stopped making art. Most of my childhood I made things. When I was 7, I remember not having money to get new toys, so I would create them. I would sit by the television; watch Batman after the news, and... Read More

Colourblind Artist

Dealing with Colour Blindness as an Artist Being creative, not worrying about your eyes; staging your talents to an audience is often taken for granted by most visual artists. I’ve seen schoolmates at art class pluck colours seamlessly out the... Read More