Fine-art inspired photography by [M]—the artist MeHi

photographic arts | fine-art photography & street photography by [M] Toronto’s new photo artist/street photographer // I’m a Torontonian artist working with fine-art photography, street photography and aesthetic journalism to create works of visual art; I call fotomodés (fine-art inspired photography). Greetings and salutations from Toronto Canada — my name is MeHi; pronounced me-high; also known as [M]—the artist MeHi.


As of late; photography invaded me passionately — I love taking spontaneous, artful shots; full of passion, feeling and fun — of beautiful things; capturing reality with a good story behind it.

Recent Work

To view my recent projects please visit my online gallery http://fotomodé


New Art Journal
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Hello everyone, Welcome to my art journal; a place to allow you to get to know me a little better; to show my work, ideas and artistic directions. I’ll be posting once a... Read More