s t r e e t + fine art [infused] photography—the start to my painting.

street photography+fine-art photography by [M] Toronto-based photographer artist/street photographer | photographic arts | Montréal-born Torontonian artist experimenting with fine-art, photography and journalism to create works of visual art; called fotomodés (fine-art infused photography).
fotomodés—infusing; fine art, photography, and journalism to create works of visual art.

I’m a Montréal-born Torontonian artist experimenting with fine art, photography and journalism to create works of visual art; called fotomodés (street+fine art [infused] photography).

Greetings and salutations from Toronto Canada — my name is MeHi (my internet pen name); pronounced me-high; also known as [M]—the artist MeHi.


As of late; photography invaded me passionately — I love taking spontaneous, artful shots; full of passion, feeling and fun — of beautiful things; capturing reality with a good story behind it.

Photo to Paint Studies

To view my recent shots and projects please visit my fotomodés pictfolio site.


Do you have a photograph you like on fotomodés?
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Recommend a photo from my fotomodés collection. Everyone’s welcome to contribute their vote. Photographs are the starting point to painting Taking a picture is the beginning stage to my creative process. After a photo shoot, I’ll download all pictures... Read More

I’m asked “do you do Weddings?”.
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Well, I’m not really a Professional Wedding Photographer The wedding photograph (The Irish Wedding) you see above is a shot I took at my best friends wedding (he’s the lucky one getting hitched). I... Read More

NEW Project ★ Toronto Tourist
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That Torontonian street kid who became a street & fine art photographer. The obvious is always overlooked. It’s true, most of us visually take things for granted. We see things everyday and yet we see... Read More

fotomodés on facebook.
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Today I signed up on  (facebook). Even though Facebook is becoming a slowly fading trend, it still offers a good chance to network to a larger audience. From what it lacks in archival structure... Read More

My next Camera: Leica M-P | Type 240
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CHOOSING MY NEXT CAMERA: I’m dating the Canon D5 Mark III and the Nicon D800e; with 35mm lens as my next camera for my photographic art growth — however, I’m not sure what... Read More