photography artist—fine art photography—street photographer/painter

pHoTo ArT (photographic arts) Toronto fine-art photographer artist/street photographer/painter (photo artist) draws on fine art photography, street photography and photojournalism (called fotomodés) to produce photographic stills (contemporary art studies—artist renderings) to create oil paintings; and help bridge the gap between photography and art. Torontonian—Mihály from Montréal, Ontario, Canada.

Greetings and salutations from Toronto Canada! my name is MeHi (my internet pen name); pronounced me-high; also known as [m]—the artist MeHi.

I’m a Montréal-born Torontonian artist (painter/sculptor) drawing on fine art photography, street photography and photojournalism (I’ve termed fotomodés) to produce photographic stills to create oil paintings; and help bridge the gap between photography and art.

The aim of my projects (assignments & stories) is to gather a collection of photographic stills (art studies—artist renderings if you like) preparatory to printing on canvas; with brush stokes of paint layered on top, a steadfast aim to deliver my vision; the way I see things in my mind—a snapshot; that reflects who I am, of how I see the world and live my life.

As of late; photography invaded me passionately—I love taking spontaneous, artful shots; full of passion, feeling and fun—of beautiful things; capturing reality with a good story behind it.

— what's on my mind —

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