s t r e e t + fine art photography/fine art photographer artist [M]

photo-art/ s t r e e t + fine art photography by Toronto photographer artist/street photographer/painter (photographic arts) Montréal-born Torontonian artist experimenting with fine art, photography and journalism to create works of visual art studies; titled fotomodés (infused photography of more than one photographic style).

s t r e e t + fine art [infused] photography—the start to my painting.

I’m a Montréal-born Torontonian artist (painter & sculptor) currently experimenting with street photography, fine art photography and aesthetic  journalism; I’ve termed fotomodés (meaning: infused photography of more than one photographic style) to create bodies of photographic frames (studies—artist renderings if you like) pictures someday; made into paintings.

Greetings and salutations from Toronto, Canada; my name is MeHi (my internet pen name); pronounced me-high; also known as [M]—the artist MeHi.


As of late; photography invaded me passionately—I love taking spontaneous, artful shots; full of passion, feeling and fun—of beautiful things; capturing reality with a good story behind it.

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The Face
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Non-commissioned Portraits The Face “Non-commissioned portraits of everyday people” is a new photo assignment for me that might generate some inspiration for a photo to painting project in the near future. People like looking at... Read More

So, what’s my style?
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What Photography Genre do I fall into? Many people like, or feel the need to peg activity into profession; then into speciality. I understand it’s the human condition to be competitive, and if... Read More

About Wedding Photography…
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I’m asked “do you do Weddings?” The wedding photograph (The Irish Wedding) you see above is a shot I took at my best friends wedding (he’s the lucky one getting hitched). I was... Read More

Do you have a photograph you like on fotomodés?
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Recommend a photo. Help select “photo to painting’ candidates from fotomodés fotos collection. Everyone’s welcome to contribute their vote. fotomodés Photo Studies (fotos) is the starting point to painting original masterpieces. Taking a picture is the beginning stage to my creative... Read More

Photos to Painting without Photoshop filters
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I’ve been using Photoshop since the crazy 80’s; I’ve grown with it. Photoshop to me is a powerful, scary and overwhelming photo editing app (just like my camera). There are so many features and... Read More